The musical year 2013


As we are entering december, 2013 draws to an end, so does my musical year. If nothing unexpected will happen, yesterdays show was the last concert for me this year. Me and my-brother-from-another-mother went to see Jason Isbell and (unknown beforehand) his wife Amanda Shires. It turned out to be the best concert 2013. Luckily the lightning at the places was just enough for me to be able to shoot some photos with my Pentax. I still need to finish about half the roll, but I'm very thrilled about how yesterdays shots will turn out. I'll try to finish it quickly.

My musical year 2013, in order of "goodness".

  1. Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires @ Bryiggerisalen, December 3
  2. Gaslight Anthem @ Berns, April 5
  3. Iron Maiden @ Friends Arena, July 13
  4. Bruce Springsteen @ Friends Arena, May 4
  5. Dinosaur Jr. @ Debaser Slussen, February 23

I did also attend November Lights @ Tele2 Arena November 30, featuring Tiesto among others, but even though it's a musical event, it's not of the kind that I want to compare it with more "classical" shows.

The big disappointment this year was Friends Arena. I am convinced that both Iron Maiden and The Boss would have been a far better experience hadn't it been for what that place does to sound. The sound at Debaser was crap as well, sad since I had really been looking forward to see Dinosaur Jr. preform.