Jason Isbell & Amanda Shires


Finally, I've finished the roll with the shots from the concert with Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires. As previously stated this was the best live music performance I attended this year. Right from the start when Amanda came on stage and sang her first song a capella and afterwards explaining that "This is my only happy song, so it's good that we got that out of the way". Apart from the great music the contact they had with the audience was one of the things that made this show so great.

When someone shouted out the name of a song Jason replied "Whenever someone request a sad song, I have to play it”. Immediately a chorus of voice began shouting names of sad songs. Jason decided that he had to play a happy song before geting on with the sad ones and played Codeine.

Click any of the shots to find your way to flickr and a few more photos from this gig in Stockholm.