Canon EOS 5D

IMG_0750-SRGB.SMALL I bought this 5D house back in 2009 after I'd got a 40D(?) stolen. Even though it's technology is from 2005, this camera still produce photos that are of a fantastic quality. When I decided to acquire a new DSLR I thought that I would sell of this long trusted friend. But I find that I'm too emotionally attached to it (and probably won't get that much money for it). I guess I'll keep it for now and maybe, 30-40 years from now I'll sell it to someone who have found love for old cameras. Much like I have with the Pentax ME Super and Leica IIIf.

We've been many places together and seen many happy moments, like:

Taiwan (Alishan)

The German Alps


For more photos have look at my 5D album on flickr.