A new home

I've been photo-blogging for a bit more than four years now. I began posting at Tumblr, later moved to Blogger and have now decided to relocate once again. This time I'm switching to the brand new blogging platform Ghost. It's so new you probably can't even get it. Even though it's in an early stage of development it kicks ass! I'm really looking forward to see how it will develop.

I want to thank everyone who has been following me on blogger and hope that you will move with me.

Some statistics from the blogger years (as of 28 spetember 2013):

Total views: 20 934

Sweden: 15 055
China: 1 697
USA: 1 637
Germany: 461
Ukraine: 432
Russia: 238
Israel: 215
Taiwan: 124
The UK: 80

Posts: 293
Most popular post: Poppy Day

Good bye Blogger! Hello Ghost!