Tonight's the night. And it's going to happen, again and again.

The title is, as you may know, a quote from the TV-series Dexter. I used the quote together with this shot back in 2009 when I wrote the thesis for my (first) bachelor. Back then I thought that it would be the last academic paper that I'd write. Turns out that that assumption was quite wrong, hence the use of the quote so much more correct.

Since this week is a week with nights of that kind, I thought I'd make a "remix" of that old shot. Apparently I didn't quite remember things correctly, since I thought the quote was used with this shot. Close to five years have passed, the Starbucks mug is from a different city and the computer has been replaced. But the coffee is the same blend, all the frustrations of writing are still here and the Dexter soundtrack is still great background music. So, tonight is one more of those nights.